OPAL offers a suite of DNA sequencing and computational services to a broad client base across the agriculture and food sectors. From small-scale Sanger sequencing to large-scale projects using next-generation sequencing technologies, we are here to provide you unparalleled service.

Our team has significant knowledge and expertise in the management and delivery of a broad range of library preparation methods, sequencing approaches and computational analysis - with a particular specialization in the assembly of large polyploid genomes, reduced representation sequencing, sequence-based variant discovery and genotyping, transcriptomics, epigenetics and metagenomics. We strive to maintain flexibility and provide custom services not readily available at other sequencing facilities.

We also offer varied service areas to support agricultural research and health sciences, including human and animal health needs.

Mission focused

As a key technology platform at GIFS, OPAL aligns with GIFS’ mission to discover, develop and deliver innovative solutions for the production of globally sustainable food – enabling research and development using the latest agtech to deliver food security that is economically, environmentally and socially sustainable. No wonder our mission is to create, discover, understand and deploy new genetic variation and traits to benefit the agriculture and food sectors. Learn about OPAL's Vision, Mission and Goals

A complete solution for clients

At OPAL, we tailor our services to the needs of our clients. Our technologies enable a greater resolution of complex polyploid crop genomes, including ultra-long read single molecule sequencing and optical mapping. Our ability to offer start-to-finish solutions for optimum results differentiates OPAL from other platforms focused solely on data acquisition or analysis.

Thriving ecosystem and strong partner base

OPAL's location at the University of Saskatchewan means we are right in the centre of Canada's thriving agriculture biotechnology hub, with opportunities for close collaboration with other stakeholders including the Canadian Light Source and the Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization-International Vaccine Centre (VIDO-InterVac). We are also able to support and work with researchers, industry, producers, agronomists, government, industry and other players in the agriculture and food sectors. This ecosystem enables innovation to flourish and is the perfect breeding ground for agtech testing and technology deployment - further benefiting agriculture. 

In addition, OPAL enjoys the support and partnership of key players in the sector - including government, producers and researchers. Learn about our partnerships