OPAL offers a full suite of the latest genomics platforms, from short read to long read sequencing services. We can also conduct the entire sequencing workflow starting from DNA extraction and purification, followed by library preparation from DNA, mRNA, or total RNA, and right through to subsequent sequencing.  In addition to genome sequencing we also offer gene expression and genotype/phenotype associations as part of data analyses.

Our genomics platforms include the latest infrastructure from PacBio (Sequel IIe), Illumina (NovaSeq 6000, MiSeq and iScan) and Oxford Nanopore Technologies (PromethION, MinION, Mk1C, and Flongle). This means we can perform next generation DNA and RNA sequencing, genotyping - including the analysis of high density SNP arrays - and Sanger sequencing.


The latest and most powerful of the Illumina platforms provides incredible flexibility and throughput. A Novaseq 6000 run generates up to 6 Tb or 20 Billions reads in 48 hours with dual flow cell load. Different flow cell with different output can be selected from a wide range, thus tailoring the specific project needs in a cost effective way. To see all the possible configuration visit  

Thanks to its 15 GB output per run and a maximum library size of 600bp the MiSeq benchtop sequencer is ideal for small project such as small genomes, target sequencing, amplicon sequencing and more. Additionally, it’s the perfect QC instrument to check libraries before a more demanding Novaseq Run.

The PromethION is ideal for large-scale projects and high-throughput laboratories. Up to 24 (PromethION 24) high-capacity flow cells can be run either simultaneously producing to terabases of sequencing data short to long (e.g. ≥ 15 KB) to ultralong (e.g. ≥ 4 MB). 

The MinION runs 800 pores flow cell capable of delivery up to 42 GB of short to long read data in a 48 hours run.

HiFi reads from the Sequel IIe provide long-range information with high base accuracy, resulting in data for high quality plant, animal and microbial genome assemblies through a single cost-effective technology.